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Luxurious Business Cards
Folded Luxury Business Cards
Spot Gloss Luxury Business Card
Luxurious Personal Visiting Card
Elegant Business Card
Expensive Business Card
VIP Luxury Business Cards
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Premium Luxury Business Cards
Mat-Spot Luxury Business Card
Luxurious Private Business Card
Formal Luxurious Card
Officer Luxurious Cards
Luxurious Visiting Cards
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Celebrity Luxury Name Card
Luxurious Name Cards
Folding Luxury Name Cards
Leader Luxury Business Cards
Boss Luxury Business Card
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Managing Director Luxury Cards
CEO Luxury Business Card
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Director Luxury Business Card
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Official Luxury Business Cards
Executive Luxurious Card
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Best Luxury Business Card
First-class Business Card
Exclusive Business Card
Special Business Card
Personal Luxury Business Card
Quality Business Card
Cut out Luxury Business Card
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Luxurious Business Cards
SL No. D e s c r i p t i o n Quantity Price (BDT)
BCL101 Luxurious Business Card | Deluxe
Size : 3.3"x2"
Paper : Special / Elite / Craft / Thick Paper
Print : Special Ink Colors
@ 40.00 / 35.00 / 30.00 Tk.
500 Pcs
1000 Pcs
2000 Pcs
USD 300.00
USD 500.00
USD 850.00
BCL102 Luxurious Business Card | Royal
Size : 3.3"x2"
Paper : Special / Elite / Craft / Ultra Thick Paper
Print : Featured Ink Colors
@ 50.00 / 45.00 / 40.00 Tk.
500 Pcs
1000 Pcs
2000 Pcs
USD 400.00
USD 650.00
USD 1100.00
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  • Related texts, photographs and recommendations have to provide at work order.
  • Extra charges applicable for Order delivery to The Client location.
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