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Business Cards are cards bearing business information about a company or individual. They are shared during formal introductions as a convenience and a memory aid. A business card typically includes the giver's name, Company or Business affiliation usually with logo, contact information, addresses, telephone numbers, social media addresses, eMail addresses and Website. A professional Business Card includes one or more aspects of striking visual design.

Visiting Card also known as a Calling Card is a small paper card with one's name printed on it and often bearing an artistic design. Visiting Cards include refined engraving and embossed lettering. However the standard form visiting card is a plain card with nothing more than the bearer's Name, Company or Business affiliation usually with logo, contact information, addresses, telephone numbers, social media addresses, eMail addresses and Website on it. Visiting cards are kept in highly decorated card Case.
Pack Offer
Business Card, Visiting Card
SL No. D e s c r i p t i o n Quantity Price (BDT)
BC101 Business Card, Visiting Card | OB Print
Size : 3.3"x2"
Paper : Glossy or Solid Paper Board
Print : Multi-colored
@ 8.90 / 4.95 / 1.99 Tk.
500 Pcs
1000 Pcs
up to 2 names
3000 Pcs
up to 6 names
USD 85.00
USD 95.00
USD 120.00
BC102 Business Card, Visiting Card | OB Print
Size : 3.3"x2"
Paper : Solid or Silky Matte Paper Board
Print : Multi-colored
UV Spot Coat
@ 11.00 / 6.50 / 2.84 Tk.
500 Pcs
1000 Pcs
up to 2 names
3000 Pcs
up to 6 names
USD 100.00
USD 125.00
USD 150.00
BC103 Business Card, Visiting Card | OB Print
Size : 3.3"x2"
Paper : Glossy Paper Board
Print : Multi-colored
PF Lamination with UV Spot Coat
@ 15.00 / 8.50 / 3.50 Tk.
500 Pcs
1000 Pcs
up to 2 names
3000 Pcs
up to 6 names
USD 130.00
USD 150.00
USD 185.00
BC104 Folded Business Card, Visiting Card
Size : 3.3"x3.7"
Paper : Glossy*, Solid or Silky Matte** Paper
Print : Multi-colored
* PF Lamination with UV Spot Coat
** UV Spot Coat
@ 21.50 / 12.25 / 7.00 Tk.
500 Pcs
1000 Pcs
2000 Pcs
USD 190.00
USD 200.00
USD 225.00
BC105 Premium Business Card
Size : 3.3"x2"
Paper : Special and Elite Paper
Print : Featured Colors
@ 35.00 / 25.00 / 20.50 Tk.
500 Pcs
1000 Pcs
2000 Pcs
USD 260.00
USD 400.00
USD 575.00
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ID Card, Identity Card
SL No. D e s c r i p t i o n Quantity Price (tk)
IDC101 ID Card
Size : 2.15"x3.4",  Card : PVC / Plastic
Print : a. Front Multi-color b. Back 1 color (black)
Card holder Sleeve and Lanyard
Minimum 10 Pcs 3,500.00
US $ 50.00
50 Pcs 15,000.00
US $ 200.00
NB / Note
  • Related texts, photographs and recommendations have to provide at work order.
  • For "Urgent Order" BDT 3,000.00 (USD 50.00)  have to add with the Pack Offers.
  • Extra charges applicable for Order delivery to The Client location.
     Quality Guaranteed
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