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French Fry Box
We manufacture, supply and retail:
French Fry Boxes
French Fries Delivery Pack
Fries Take Out Packets
Chips Take Away Wrap
Finger Chips Boxes
French Fried Potato Pack
Deep Fried Potatoes Case
French Fry Cup Box
Snack Supply Packages
Snacks Parcel Boxes
Chili Fries Carrier Pack
Chili Cheese Fries Box
Crinkle-Cut Fries Packet
Curly Fries Boxes
Curry Chips Parcel Pack
Garlic Fries Parcel Boxes
Shoestring Fries Pack
Slap-Chips Packs
Waffle Fries Takeout Pack
Steak Fries Boxes
Tornado Fries Packet
Triple-Cooked Chips
Waffle Fries Cases
Belgian Fries Envelopes
French Fry Cups Box
Standard Fries Container
Steak Fries Delivery Box
Crinkle Cut Fries Pack
Shoestring Fries Package
Potato Wedges Boxes
Sweet Potato Fries Box
Fresh Fries Envelope
Carne Asada Fries Packet
Chili Fries Containers
Chili Cheese Fries Box
Chorrillana Delivery Boxes
Potato Fries Cup Box
Crinkle-Cut Fries Packet
Curry Chips Supply Box
Oven Fries Delivery Pack
Potato Fry Boxes Wraps
Cheese Fries Boxes
Poutine Transport Pack
Chile Fry Takeaway Packs
Salchipapas Boxes
French Fry, simply Fries, Chips, Finger chips or French fried potatoes are allumette cut deep Fried potatoes. French fries are served hot, either soft or crispy and generally eaten as part of lunch, dinner or as a snack. Fries commonly appear on the menus of diners, fast food restaurants, pubs and bars. Fries are usually salted depending on the country and be served with ketchup, vinegar, mayonnaise, tomato sauce or local specialties. Fries can be topped more heavily as in the dishes of chili cheese fries. Chips can be made from usual potatoes or sweet potatoes.

French Fry Boxes are used to store Fries to be taken somewhere. The use of a French Fry Box has existed for a long time. The most common French Fry Box form is a box made by paper board often printed with a colorful graphic design. French Fry Boxes are generally made of paper or paperboard. Khatian Print is a French Fry Box manufacturer, supplier and retailer company.

French Fry Box includes disposable boxes found in restaurants, fast food shops, caf├ęs, snack bars, coffee houses and food preparation companies. French Fry Boxes are used for events, celebrations, picnics and parties for serving Fries. We provide French Fry Boxes from Dhaka Bangladesh BD.

Pack Offers
French Fry Box
SL No. D e s c r i p t i o n Quantity Price (tk)
FFB101 French Fry Box . FFB360
Size: N/A
Media: Paperboard
Print : N/A
3000 Pcs
5000 Pcs
10,000 Pcs
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call for price
call for price
FFB102 French Fry Box | Custom
Size : N/A
Media : Paperboard
Print : N/A
3000 Pcs
5000 Pcs
10,000 Pcs
call for price
call for price
call for price
french fry parcel delivery box fries chips snacks boxes fried potato wraps | khatian print
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